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Travel to Marrakech: 10 magical reasons to visit Marrakech that make everyone dream to visit this city.

Morocco – a country full of untouched, colourful and picturesque corners. And in the heart of Morocco lies Marrakech, with the best view of the magnificent coast. The jewel of the country is full of enchanting sights and sounds, day and night. The city is a feast for the eyes with its many tiled houses and artistically painted ceilings. Marrakech is as opulent as it is colourful and allows you to share what is perhaps the most vibrant culture in Africa. These are just some of the reasons why you should visit Marrakech! Read on to find out what you can experience here.

The name “Marrakech” comes from the Berber words Amur and Kush, which together mean “Land of God”. Marrakech is the third largest city in the country after Casablanca, known from the film of the same name and the flourishing Fez. It sits at the foot of the promontory of the snowy Atlas Mountains. Its varied geography will arouse your interest, and moreover, it is only a few hours away from the legendary Sahara desert.

Morocco is a country full of colours and contrasts and this is exactly why you should visit Marrakech now. Here are a few more reasons for you:

#1 magical reasons to visit marrakech : Lose yourself exploring the medina
10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

The historic quarter of Marrakech is like a treasure chest filled with surprises – you will never cease to be amazed! But before you get there, you’ll have to go through a seemingly endless maze of traditional shops called souks. You can be sure that your curiosity will be aroused here – snake charmers and acrobats will surprise you in the little alleys. Here you have the chance to meet lively musicians or watch a table full of fortune tellers. Meanwhile, the scents of natural oils and exotic aromas will bewitch you. And as evening approaches, the medina becomes even more vibrant. The coloured walls glow in contrast to the pitch black night sky and the soft lights of the semi-dark alleys.

#2 magical reasons to visit marrakech : Discover the souks in the heart of the city
10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

In the north of the town square, Djemaa El Fna, you will find a wonderland of different things. While the sunlight shines through the roofs, you can browse among antiques and spices, try on caftans, teapots, jewellery and even meat. And don’t be discouraged when it comes to trading – definitely try it out, otherwise you will surely pay double as a tourist.

#3 magical reasons to visit marrakech :Visit a Moroccan riad
10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

A Moroccan artist has been working at the Bahia Palace for over a decade. As one of the most beautiful palaces in the country with 150 rooms, it is open to visitors who can marvel at the beautiful decorations. Hand-woven silk curtains, stained glass windows and ceilings painted with shiny rose bouquets and much more you will discover here. The huge area is perfect for your Instagram photos! And once you’ve done that, you can move on to the large courtyard where you can enjoy the sun..

#4 magical reasons to visit marrakech Take the camel and ride into the Palmeraie
10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

The palm oasis outside of Marrakech extends over 20 kilometres. Between the 150,000 species of palm trees you can stay in the most beautiful hotels. The best thing is to take a camel and cross the desert in a classic way like in former times. On your journey you will be able to admire beautiful villas and do you want to live like a king? Then you can book yourself into the luxury hotel in the middle of the picturesque palm oasis.

#5 magical reasons to visit marrakech Visit the Marrakech Museum10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

If the culture lover in you craves for a little art, then you should definitely visit the Museum of Marrakech. Formerly the home of the Minister of Defence of Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz, today the palace is filled with historical objects that you will certainly take pictures of. The extraordinary colours and shapes of the building alone are worth the visit!

#6 magical reasons to visit marrakech Check out the Jardin Majorelle

10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

If you have enough cash in your wallet, then head for the Majorelle Gardens! Yves Saint Laurent is responsible for this miracle – probably also out of gratitude that the city welcomed him so warmly in 1966. In the middle of the gardens stands the metallic blue-glowing villa, which contrasts with the earthy colours of the gardens. The art-deco style studio also houses over 600 artifacts from Morocco’s indigenous people, and boasts a reputation as one of the country’s most sought-after museums. The museum is full of culture from the past – metals, textiles, precious stones and woods are just a fraction of the treasures you can discover here.

#7 magical reasons to visit marrakech Feasting like the locals10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

Is your stomach growling yet? The dadas – that’s what the locals call their cooks – will certainly take care of you. At the Djemma El Fna the whole town is bustling with people – at the many stalls under the white tent you can get the best food, the menus are not only in French but also in English. Of course you could also visit one of the more famous cafés like Café Arabe. Here you can enjoy Italian cuisine and an enchanting view of the sunset. Le Marrakchi is also recommendable if you like it a bit more luxurious.

#8 magical reasons to visit marrakech Climb into the Saadian tombs10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

These graves were only discovered at the beginning of the 20th century – and most of them were even still preserved in their original state! Because the entrance was blocked, this site remained untouched for an entire century. If you visit these graves, you will definitely get goose bumps. The craftsmanship and skill alone is incredible – detailed Moroccan tiles and beautiful decorations cover the tombs.

#9 magical reasons to visit marrakech Stay overnight in a Villa10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

In Marrakech, you can choose between three regions for your overnight stay: stay either in the Medina (old town), the Ville Nouvelle (new town), or in the outskirts. A particularly nice option is to sleep in a riad – magnificent old houses that have been transformed into beautiful hostels. This is your chance to sleep like a royal – surrounded by Moroccan architecture, luxurious carpets and impressive tile work. Alternatively, you can sleep in a hotel, or even a tent – depending on how adventurous you like it.

#10 magical reasons to visit marrakech Find the challenge in the Atlas Mountains10 magical reasons to visit marrakech

Are you up for a challenge? Then make an exciting trip to the Atlas Mountains, the mystical mountain landscape outside Marrakech.

To relax, you can also visit Agadir. The city is only a two-hour drive away and has everything that a modern globetrotter could wish for. But above all, the best beaches! We also recommend ourika a small town in the central Atlas Mountains. Here you can swim in waterfalls over the steep mountain roads. And while you are here, you should definitely buy argan oil or regional honey!

visit Marrakech – what reason convinced you?

Marrakech is full of incredible architecture, delicious cuisine and beautiful nature – a great destination that will definitely stay in your memory. Be curious and discover colourful African culture at its best – perfect for escaping the daily grind, any time of year.

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