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The Corniche of Agadir

The Agadir Promenade is the strongest element of the city. Following the Atlantic coast from the marina to the south side, the cobbled Agadir cornice welcomes day and night visitors who come to walk and enjoy the seaside promenade. Powerful lampposts illuminate the place to ensure the comfort of walkers in the evening.

The Marina of Agadir

The marina is located on the edge of the fishing port known for its famous sardines. You can buy fish offered in the morning by auction. You can also enjoy good fish served with lemon and bread. The elegance of the marina is accentuated by that of the surrounding luxurious buildings. On the spot, one can admire the quiet sea of the city of Agadir, appreciate the big boats, or rent a small wooden one to go for a walk on the sea.

Valley of the birds
The Valley of the Birds is a playful space very popular with families. To see the birds, to enjoy nature or simply to disconnect from the atmosphere of the city, the zoological garden of Agadir, open free of charge to the public, is the ideal place for visitors to the city, especially for young people.

The beach of Agadir
Agadir is mainly its beautiful beach. About 6 km long, this beautiful beach of fine sand, among the best in Morocco, is a pure delight for lovers of swimming and sunbathing. Swimming in Agadir is to enjoy a beach that looks like a swimming pool, so rare are the waves. The omnipresent sun makes the coast the privileged destination of people on holiday in Agadir as for the inhabitants.

Museum of the earthquake
A cultural visit that recalls the disaster of the 1960 earthquake, which caused more than 18,000 deaths. Abandoned for a while before being rebuilt, the museum exhibits a collection of photos showing Agadir before and after.