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Located on the Atlantic coast, Casablanca; presents the largest city in Morocco and its economic capital. Take advantage of an excursion to this city to discover its mixture of tradition and modernity.
The first site to visit is the majestic Hassan II Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world. Enjoy a guided tour of the mosque and discover its magnificent architecture both inside and out.
The second destination will be The Corniche which extends from the city centre and ends at the beach of Ain Diab. The cornice alternates beaches, swimming pools, cafes and many restaurants. It is an excellent place for a walk in Casablanca.
Another unmissable site to visit is the Morocco mall. The largest shopping mall in Morocco and the Maghreb. The Morocco Mall houses a full range of services: fashion, beauty, luxury, culture, technology, health, decoration, food, equipment, crafts, services, leisure, relaxation, catering … an incomparable place that represents one of the modern showcases of Morocco, symbolizing its diversity, openness and generosity.
You visit, also, the Mohammed V square: you will find the wilaya of Casablanca as well as the Palace of Justice inspired by Arab-Andalusian architecture. Lovers of art and architecture will be able to admire many facades of the Art Deco style by taking a walk along the Avenue Mohammed V and the Boulevard 11-January without forgetting the Museum of the Villa des Arts.


Casablanca City Tour From Marrakech In Private

Morocco’s economic centre, Casablanca, is multicultural and modern. The country’s largest city, which is probably best known to most people for the Hollywood film with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergmann, is considered Morocco’s most important commercial and industrial centre.

Nevertheless, the city of 5 million inhabitants on the Atlantic coast has lost none of its oriental charm: the “city of white houses” enchants its visitors with its unique blend of European modernity and Moroccan tradition. And to make sure you choose this destination, we have prepared some useful information about Casablanca.

Casablanca has no breathtaking views, no walks. The city is dirty, noisy and exhausting. And yet, Casablanca has a lot of charm: the inhabitants are friendly, the city life is active and there is – apart from sightseeing – a lot to do here. Don’t worry: I wouldn’t advise you to stay in Casablanca for a week. However, the city, with its large international airport, is the ideal starting point for your trip to Morocco. It is also ideally located and you can reach exciting destinations such as Rabat, Marrakech or Fez by train or bus within a few hours.

Hassan II Mosque

Where is the tallest and highest building in the world? Yes, in Casablanca. The Hassan II mosque, which was only built in 1993, is indeed of insane dimensions: With a height of 210 meters and a huge forecourt, it’s impressive and really deserves a visit. Non-Muslims are also allowed to visit this holy place for an entrance fee of 100 Dh.

The central market in the city center is a must for any tourist who wants to discover the real life of the city. Here the “locals” buy and sell their goods and food – the choice of products is enormous! The central market is also a place to visit if you are looking for a good place to take pictures: here you can capture the life of the city, the many colours and the bustle. If you buy something at the central market, don’t forget to negotiate the price!
The old medina

In the old medina of Casablanca, you discover the pure life of the city. The colourful hustle and bustle and the many market stalls invite you to stay and discover. Prepare to be approached by a vendor every few meters – but don’t worry – with a friendly “No”, you’ll be happy to be alone again so quickly. If you really want to buy something here, you have to haggle over the price, otherwise you’ll get ripped off! Otherwise, just wander through the many alleys, small or large, without a map – sooner or later you will find your way out of the maze.
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

The huge cathedral “Sacré Coeur” is a surprising sight in the middle of Casablanca. Built in 1930, it seduces by its unique architecture.
Even cooler: for about 2 euros, you can visit the top of the tower and enjoy a breathtaking view of Casablanca and its aspirations.
Shopping centre of Morocco

The Morocco Mall, with its 600 stores, is the largest shopping mall in Africa. The huge mall shows the modern and western side of Morocco. Rather crude considering that Casablanca has huge slums filled with poverty and violence. Anyway, in Casablanca’s mall you can still shop, eat and drink without any worries. There is also a large 3DX cinema in the mall. More information is available on the website of the Morocco Mall.
Walk from the beach “La Courniche”.

Casablanca’s promenade is in fact just a huge footbridge: especially at weekends, the young inhabitants frolic there and meet up in one of the many restaurants. My advice to you: take a walk from the Hassan II mosque along the promenade to the shopping centre of Morocco. On the route, which lasts a little over an hour, you will make many discoveries and meet exciting people. In between, you can take a break in one of the countless cafés and enjoy the waves of the Atlantic Ocean with a cold drink or hot tea.

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Sindibad: another place worth a visit :

Casablanca City Tour From Marrakech In Private

Anyone who has read the oriental fairy tale 1001 Nights should know the name Sinbad. So it’s not surprising that the Iraqi sailor’s name was chosen for one of Morocco’s largest amusement parks. In Arabic, the name Sindibad is supposed to represent the adventures that visitors can experience at the Casablanca amusement park.

Morocco’s largest amusement park

Casablanca City Tour From Marrakech In Private

Located directly on the Atlantic Ocean, the theme park is only 30 minutes from the city centre and offers some 20 attractions on its 32 hectares of land. In addition to the theme park, the park is divided into an animal park with about 150 animals, an ecological and archaeological park, as well as a recreation area and a kind of inner city with shops and restaurants.

Located on different islands, visitors to the park can follow Sindibad’s journeys themselves, depending on the theme. For example, visitors can discover the different objects that Sindibad brought back from his travels or admire the architecture of his magnificent reproduced palaces. The palace is bordered by a harbour and Sindibad’s garden, which transports visitors to the park into the sultan’s oriental world.

Family fun and thrills on the Atlantic Ocean

Casablanca City Tour From Marrakech In Private

With the support of the Compagnie des Alpes theme park chain, the attractions on offer have been renovated and extended from 2015. In addition to the slides and merry-go-rounds, families can go on jeep safaris or sit on the “Flying Carpet”, a swinging gondola. For the youngest, the park has many playgrounds and the “Sindi Express”, which takes visitors on a short trip through the park.

The highlight of the park is probably the fast 70 km/h roller coaster called “Snake”. The attraction is called “The Snake”, which provides thrills in curves and tight loops in 42 seconds. Those who are not afraid of heights can climb “Ain Rokh”, an aerial elevator that offers visitors a 42-meter high view of the city and the adjacent sea. The “O’Temba” attraction also climbs vertically, the accelerated descent here giving a sensation of free fall.

A detour to Casablanca

Casablanca City Tour From Marrakech In Private

Sindibad himself made one last detour to Casablanca after his seven journeys. But so fascinated by the city, he did not go all the way back to Baghdad, but rather decided to settle in the Moroccan city. Even today, Casablanca still attracts many visitors every year. A visit to the Sindibad amusement park can therefore be perfectly combined with a holiday in Morocco’s largest city.