Take a private visit to the city of Oualidia “the Blue Pearl of Morocco” and enjoy a total change of scenery. Your own fully qualified and accredited driver will allow you to discover Oualidia in the best possible way and at your own pace.

Destination : Oualidia
Availability: daily
Departure time: 08:00 am
Return time: 18:00 H
Duration: one day.
Category: Private excursion
Clothing: comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Payment : Payment at the time of departure


Oualidia, a peaceful seaside town located on the Atlantic coast halfway between Essaouira and Casablanca. This small, quiet and charming town well deserves its nickname of “The Blue Pearl of Morocco”. From Marrakech, 3 hours drive to reach the city.
When you arrive in Oualidia, explore all the wonders of its coast and take a stroll along its fine sandy beaches. You will enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful coast lined with cliffs. Explore the charming 12 km long lagoon and take a ‘Vaporetto’ to cross the lagoon and enjoy a nice setting and a breathtaking view of the beach.
Afterwards, let yourself be tempted to taste the oysters and other seafood for which Oualidia is famous, under an umbrella on the beach. In the evening, enjoy a tour of the small town and admire its charm. Visit the ancient Kasbah of the Sultan, whose ruins can be seen from the upper part of the city. The place is marvellous and will guarantee you a total change of scenery.
For even more change of scenery, take the coastal road in the direction of Safi: you will cross a landscape of striking contrasts! From market gardens to salt marshes, between desert and ocean, this is an unlikely meeting place for sheep, camels and flamingos.

NB: At your request, we can provide booster seats and baby seats adapted to the age of your children free of charge.


Descirption of oualidia

Trip to Oualidia

Between El Jadida and Safi, the picturesque jewel Oualidia in the west of Morocco is waiting to be discovered. The dreamlike location on a lagoon separated from the ocean by rocks, beautiful and fine sandy beaches, as well as the oyster farming make this idyllic fishing village a real insider tip. But not only the oyster farming belongs to Oualidia, but also the lobster and crab fishing.

Little Paradise Oualidia

Oualidia is an ideal place to relax, recuperate and rest in natural and absolutely quiet surroundings. The lagoon created between the rocks is a wonderful place to visit. The water, still beating wildly against the rocks, lies in the lagoon as calm as in a lake. The small fishing village will impress you with its paradisiacal beauty. You have a beautiful view of the lagoon from the terrace of the Kasbah, it impresses with its cannon equipped terrace. At low tide a unique nature experience awaits you. The lagoon then shows its green side. Make an excursion to the exciting caves and let our guide show you the most fascinating rocks and cliffs!

The hidden aspects of oualidia

Oualidia is also famous for its hunting. There are wild boar hunts during the March-April season.

Oyster farming ponds on the banks of the bay (aquaculture production: 200 tons/year) are located at the northern entrance. They include 8 oyster farms and a clam farm. The naissais come from the Arcachon basin (France) and are developed in the lagoon. In the 80s, they came from Japan.

Salt marshes are famous because they conjure the climate, topography and geology for their production.

characteristic of oualidia
The lagoon is 4 km long. It is a paradise for wildlife. Birds come to the islets, so you can admire the ballet of flamingos, barges, spoonbills, gulls, grey herons, great cormorants and stilts.

The water is not very salty because of the springs. Its temperature is also cool due to the fresh water and the intrusion of the tides which play a dominant hydrolic role.

a little bit of history :
The kasbah of Moulay El Oualid ben zidane, the last sultan of the Sadian dynasty, was built in 1634 which gave its name to the city. The Saudi dynasty reigned from 1554 to 1659. It was at this time that Morocco took its name which would be the contraction of Marrakech. Previously, it was called Maghreb el aqça or extreme Maghreb. Oualidia saw the passage of the Phoenicians, Romans and Portuguese.

300 days in the year. No wind and no fog, but a flood of tourists in summer, enough to feel less lonely.