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thisshared trip to Essaouira from Marrakech
The coastal city Essaouira or the city of the wind, offers you many possibilities of discovery and meets all your cultural, artistic and sporting desires

PROGRAMME of the shared trip to Essaouira from Marrakech
Departing from Marrakech, enjoy an unforgettable two and a half hour trip through the argan cultures and the arid landscapes. You will meet families of goats perched on the argan trees. On arrival, you will have the opportunity to visit a women’s cooperative producing Argan oil.
Afterwards, you will discover the fishing port of Essaouira. Cross the old medina with its Souks and its traditional market. You will discover the art galleries and workshops of authentic carpentry, marquetry of thuja and the art of basketry.
Explore, similarly, the ramparts and gates of Essaouira, as well as its Borj and military buildings including La sqala of the kasbah and the sqala of the port: the two main fortifications of the city.
For those who love windsurfing or kit surfing, Essaouira’s particular climate and geographical position have made it a strong point for practicing these two sports.
Don’t miss the chance to admire a Souiri tagine or a superb fish dish (Essaouira’s speciality) in a seaside restaurant before returning to Marrakech.


Further information  foor a good trip to Essaouira from Marrakech

from Marrakech in the morning for a pleasant day at the seaside in Essaouira. 2H30min drive through argan fields where you can admire the scenery of goats on the trees. Formerly called Mogador, the port city welcomes you by the serenity of its atmosphere of blue and white colors.

The irresistible smell of the sea winds takes you to the famous port of Essaouira. Take the time to visit the port and admire the stalls of fresh fish just out of the sea. Varieties of fish and seafood that invite you to taste them. Opposite, dozens of small boats lined up indicate that fishing is the main activity of the city. Walk a little further into the port and climb the steps that take you to a panoramic spot. Take the time to contemplate the magnificent view of the port on one side, and the expanse of the ocean and the waves full of marine scents on the other.

Afterwards, you can choose to eat in the small restaurants just outside the harbour. Otherwise, wait until you are in the heart of the medina of Essaouira to visit the souks and eat fresh fish on the barbecue, tagine or fried in small, cheap traditional restaurants.

Your exploration of the city continues with the discovery of the wall of Essaouira, a high fortified wall that once protected the medina from invaders. You will discover the citadel and its many craftsmen.
The magic of Essaouira is also its serene atmosphere that invites contemplation. City of art and culture, to walk through its narrow streets with numerous galleries is pure happiness. The opportunity to discover the beautiful shops exhibiting various handicrafts made from thuja whose smell dominates the space.

As you wander through the lively alleys of the medina (old city), you will gradually approach the most important fortification of Essaouira (skala). You go up to the top to enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean. The site, with its old copper cannons, tells the story of the ramparts of Essaouira, which once served as a defensive wall against the Portuguese invasion.

If you feel like it, treat yourself to a swim on the beach of Essaouira and enjoy a relaxing sunbath before returning to Marrakech at the end of the day.