Presenting Morocco is not limited to the beauty of its landscapes or the diversity of its tourist sites. It is much more.

If Morocco’s fairytale nature and its gastronomy are a major attraction for travelers, it is important to note that the warmth of human encounters contributes to making a simple vacation in Morocco a true travel experience.

Morocco, a haven of peace for tourists

All the assets of a stable country are there to ensure visitors travelling to Morocco an excellent stay. In addition to a developed tourist infrastructure, the country enjoys a political stability which favours the development of the sector.

The Total Disorientation without big time difference No need to make long hours of plane to feel the disorientation. Morocco, at the very gates of Europe, is an ideal travel destination to discover a quite different culture. 
For a weekend or a holiday, Morocco is ideal for discovering another culture without suffering a big jet lag. 

If your choice is an imperial city such as Marrakech, the opportunity is propitious to discover the secrets of the ancient medina. From the Jemaa Elfna Square, smells and colours guide you through the maze of souks, passing through the alleys where craftsmen work on the articles exposed to tourists.

Morocco, a mild climate all year round

The majority of Moroccan cities welcome visitors throughout the year. In the summer, the coastal cities are privileged to enjoy the sea. In winter, when the cold weather prevails in Europe, fairly mild temperatures are generally recorded in Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, etc..

Morocco is also sunny and blue skies in the middle of winter. Many tourists fleeing the freezing cold of Europe in winter, find their happiness at the edge of the sunny pools of Marrakech or Agadir.

Privileged tourists opt for a golfing holiday in Morocco which gives them the pleasure of playing under a mild sun in the middle of winter. The sun rays on the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains offer a landscape worthy of a postcard.
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