Enjoy a private excursion to the Ourika Valley with your fully qualified and accredited driver who will allow you to live the experience at your own pace and discover the Ourika Valley in the best possible way.

If you want to enjoy a traditional mountain lifestyle and admire a dazzling nature, Ourika is the place for you.
From Marrakech, one hour and a half is enough to reach the Ourika valley. You will pass through bio-aromatic gardens where you will discover the different medicinal plants used by the Berbers. You will then have the opportunity to visit a family in their home and enjoy a glass of tea and snacks. If you coincide with a market day, you will also have the chance to take a tour and discover the Berber souk.
Your guide will then take the path to Setti-fatma. Discover the marvellous panoramas of the waterfalls and enjoy a hike accompanied by your guide on the cliffs at the bottom of the mountains. You will pass by a small footbridge full of charm that will take you to the heights of the Atlas Mountains. Lunch at setti fatma in one of the traditional restaurants facing the river and last visit to a women’s cooperative producing argan oil.


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a visit to the Ourika Valley is particularly suitable for a 1-day tour.

The beginning is rather boring and one doesn’t suspect at first the beauty of the landscape that awaits us here. Especially during the summer months, this mountain tour offers a pleasant climate in contrast to the heat that reigns in Marrakech. Especially on a round trip to the royal cities of Morocco, one is happy to be able to take a nature tour after having seen a lot of culture and palaces.

On the way, it is worth visiting the very authentic Berber villages and, with a bit of luck, you will be able to admire the endangered Berber monkeys in the nature around the city of Ourika.

Once you have reached the town of Setti Fatma, the real trekking can begin. Via a wooden suspension bridge, you reach the starting point of these little adventures from the road.

The journey from Marrakech to the Ourika Valley

 Once you have reached the Ourilka River, you pass beautiful gardens with fruit trees. The restaurants can be reached at the tail over small suspension bridges and are picturesquely situated directly on the river.
A visit to one of the small Berber villages like the small Asgaour is highly recommended. The very authentic Berber handicrafts, such as forging with simple tools or carving masks can be seen here. Of course, the usual Moroccan souvenir articles and products made of argan oil are also offered.

Good quality and sturdy shoes are a prerequisite for this little trek. In flip-flops or sandals, you should not set off.
You pass over unstable rocks, long and partly exhausting stairs, unpaved paths and go up the river.
Further and further you pass seven waterfalls and follow the course of the Ourika River. In the small restaurants you can buy snacks and small tagines. In any case, it is necessary to use the time of the ascent to take a few breaks. It is worth stopping for a while on the small rocks at the water’s edge to enjoy this wonderful river in this unique landscape.

 After an arduous climb, quite demanding for someone without “climbing experience”, we reached the goal. It is with pride that we reach the last waterfall of our tour, which flows idyllically into a swimming pool.
Here you should stop time for yourself for a short while. At the poolside there is enough space to sit back and let this natural beauty work its magic on you. It is also important to regain your strength, because an exhausting visit awaits you.