Moroccan Tagine

In the heart of Los Angeles, in the popular Beverly Hills neighborhood, you will find “Moroccan Tagine“, a cosy place with delicious Moroccan dishes.
The owner of the place, actor Ryan Gosling, attracts equally famous stars such as Eva Mendez, Meryl Streep, Selma Hayek, or Richard Gere…
As for the card, “Tagine” owes it to a Moroccan, Executive Chief Abdessamad Benameur, soberly nicknamed Ben.

moroccan tagine

The first memories of Chef Ben, who grew up in Morocco, were in the kitchen. It was hanging on his mother’s apron that he watched her, as a child, lovingly preparing the day’s meals after his daily rounds at the market.
It was these same memories of cooking that gave him a boundless passion for this art, and made him grow wings to fly to Los Angeles.

He became known thanks to his mother’s recipes, and made the whole of Hollywood discover the Moroccan culinary tradition by bringing a touch of trend and modernity to it.
A fan of Ben’s early days as a caterer, Ryan Gosling, after having emptied many plates concocted by Chef Benameur, finally made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
It was “food I could eat every day for the rest of my life,” the star told him.

When they couldn’t find a place that would offer such a cuisine in a warm and welcoming place that would reflect this lovingly concocted cuisine, Ryan Gosling and Ben decided to create this place, and named it TAGINE.