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Tour Essaouira from marrakech

Essaouira, nicknamed the city of the wind or the small Mogador, is a coastal city located on the Atlantic coast, which presents the image of contemporary Morocco through its cultural, social and artistic diversity. Its medina, its ramparts, its old port and its beach are all places to discover in Essaouira :

Day 1: Visit the city of Essaouira and its old medina.
From Marrakech, admire a two and a half hour drive through argan crops and arid landscapes where you will meet families of goats perched on the argan trees.
On your arrival in the city, you visit the old port of Essaouira, where you will see the small blue boats of fishermen forming a sublime and unique panorama. Enjoy a walk along the beach and a seafood lunch before leaving the port for the old medina of Essaouira.
You will have free time to explore the mazes of the medina, its traditional stalls and souks and appreciate the craftsmen making beautiful objects from Thuya wood. Your driver will then drive you to visit the ramparts of Scala, the gates and fortifications of the city. In the evening, you will admire the beautiful sunset from the terraces of the Riad overlooking the medina. Dinner and night in a typical Riad in the main square in the heart of the medina.

Day 2: Visit of the surroundings of Essaouira: Diabat Village – Visit of the Caves.
After breakfast, direction towards Diabat: peaceful Berber village 6 km from Essaouira offering a magnificent view of the city of Essaouira and its bay. Discover the village through a hike, before leaving to explore the Caves present in the site. On the way back, you will have the opportunity to visit a local cooperative of Berber women processing argan oil. You will pass arid paths and breathtaking landscapes to reach Marrakech.


story to know for your tour to essaouira

Located on a peninsula facing the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Essaouira is 130 kilometers south of Safi and 170 kilometers north of Agadir. Surprising by its architectural beauty, its medina (old city) is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Founded by Carthaginian merchants, it became a commercial centre on the road to the Gulf of Guinea.

For years, it remained the only port open to foreign trade and enjoyed great prosperity thanks also to the Jewish community, which outnumbered the Muslim community. It then became an important seaport for the shipment of goods.

your aventir for an unforgettable journey to essaouira
Essaouira had a white beach that announced what an adventurer could not miss, the scent of spices, the colors of fabrics, sugar, cereals, the precious purple, any sailor would have wanted to see what this place promised to be.

Today, the Medina of Essaouira is a perfect destination for a dream trip, it enchants its visitors with its white houses and blue shutters, the small square of Moulay Hassan with its cafes is an invitation to relax comfortably seated at the tables sipping a mint tea, then to continue the walk and admire the particular decoration of the facade of the former residence of the pasha.

So if the idea is to let yourself be fascinated by the atmosphere of Essaouira, a visit to the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah museum will make you discover the treasures of regional art: collections of musical instruments, collections of jewellery, carpets and local costumes, as well as weapons and paintings on wood will not fail to amaze you as well as the drawings taken as a basis for the realization of the beautiful henna propitiatory images.

during your trip to essaouira, you cannot miss the visit of the jewellery shops of the Siaghine street where you will be able to marvel at the extraordinary art of the goldsmith which consists in creating and carving various jewels, then at the skill of the inlayers of Essaouira who skilfully work the woods of thuia, lemon and ebony.

an obligatory passage during your trip to essaouira:
Climb the ramparts where 19 cannons are aligned, on the square tower of the Skala della Casbah you will enjoy a splendid sunset. If you are an early riser, you can see the fishing boats returning to the port to start the swarm fish market. And if the sea becomes an irresistible attraction, Essaouira offers you a beach with a very long strip of sand which, at the end of the afternoon, disappears to make way for the tide which almost completely catches up with it.

Unique for your trip to Essaouira:
A ride on a camel or horseback that will surely be offered to you by the various guards who are near the beach will make you think you are in a movie, and could turn out to be one of the most exciting experiences of your holiday. Lovers of surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing will find a lot of fun waiting for the perfect wave in a beautiful landscape.

beaches to visit during your trip to essaouira
From the beach of Sidi Kaouky, near Essaouira, you can reach the river which, at certain times of the year, is dry and if you are lucky, you can find yourself in the presence of beautiful flamingos, while towards Cape Sim, you can observe the sand dunes that the ocean consumes and visit the nearby Berber agglomeration.

Live to the rhythm of the music during your trip to essaouira :
Essaouira is a lively and sparkling city and music is an important part of it, until late at night, the melodies brighten up the streets of the Medina, enjoying the festive atmosphere that surrounds you. You might decide to stop at one of the many restaurants and order the tasty couscous in its different variations. If you are good at taking the original recipe home with you.

why choose your trip to essaouira with us
The city of Essaouira has its own airport, but if you are in one of the coastal cities such as Agadir, Safi or Casablanca or in the interior of the country such as Marrakech and Fez, you can easily book cheaper with us, so that you can drive through stretches of road surrounded by ever-changing landscapes and you will discover colours and natural harmonies that will not fail to intrigue you with every kilometre you drive.