We offer, two types of Shuttle transfer:


Immediate Confirmation Upon Booking YOUR SHUTTLE.

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Free Cancellation.

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Transfer from your airport in Morocco

  • transfer from your airport in Morocco
  • transfer to your airport

Transfer from your train station in Morocco

  • transfer from your train station in morocco
  • transfer to your train station.

frequently asked questions

0. my driver didn’t understand some request !

No worries, all drivers speaks english, but sometime spelling some words aren’t simple, specially when the clients aren’t from england or america, so we assist you in real time to explane to driver all your desires

1. How can I book my shuttle transfer ?

Your transfer will have to be made, via our form, below, be careful to book the city and the place of your arrival. We will send you a confirmation email which will include the information you have entered.

2. Which means of transport will be used ?

It depends on your choice, we provide our customers with different means, from a simple taxi, so the number of people should not exceed 3. Or a tourist minibus in case of a group, you can also opt for a luxurious means of transfer, in order to guarantee a perfect shuttle to your hotel or place of residence.

3. Can I make a reservation on arrival?

Yes, it is possible, however you will have to wait until the driver arrives back at the station or the station of your arrival, so it is highly recommended to book your shuttle beforehand, in order to avoid minutes of waiting.

4. Can I pay online or on arrival?

You have the choice, to pay and book your shuttle beforehand.

5. What about cancellation?

Cancellation is FREE! Immediate Confirmation Upon Reservation.

6. Can I book a shuttle by horse-drawn carriage to Marrakech?

Absolutely, a horse-drawn carriage shuttle to Marrakech is splendid, available from the early hours of the day, whatever your destination address, Marrakech is a smaller city than Casablanca, a horse-drawn carriage is now the best way to enjoy a shuttle in peace and quiet to regain your strength after a long journey, to arrive at your destination with a restful air.

7. What are the hours of your availability?

We are available 7 days a week. We answer your requests even during late hours at night, the time difference will not be a problem, and your shuttle will be perfectly prepared.

8. in wich moroccan cities shuttle aeroport are available ?

you will be able to book you shuttle in marrakech, casablanca, rabat, agadir, fez, and tangier. we want tofocus about thoses cities to provide the best quality of services, and we want to be able

Booking Form : Airport Shuttle

Booking Form : Train Shuttle

Additionnal informations :

we do the following services:
shuttle service from your airport to your accommodation, and also the return shuttle service from your accommodation to your hotel, we offer various services.

we also have a luxury service, i.e. well equipped luxury cars, air-conditioned minibuses with comfort for a group of more than 3 people, a shuttle with a caleche, which will allow you to enjoy an enriching walk to get an idea of the city, and on these hidden places, please note that the shuttle via caleche is only available on the city of marrakech.

a cheaper shuttle to marrakech via taxi, but we have chosen for you a selection of taxis, with drivers who speak and understand English fluently.