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Travel Team building Morocco

To strengthen team cohesion within a company

Morocco offers an ideal environment for corporate events such as team building and incentive trips.

Motivating the sales force, developing a strong team spirit, strengthening the bonds between employees, taking on challenges, establishing a climate of trust, managing stess, these are among the objectives of a team building program in Morocco. The country is a privileged destination for team building stays for companies wishing to work on their human resources.

A favourable climate for outdoor activities

On Eljadida beach, to develop team spirit, the employees of a company organize themselves into small teams that do playful activities with a specific objective. Building a raft, for example, forces each team member to contribute his or her own stone to the building. Everyone is fully committed to achieving the goal. This group work stimulates bonds and boosts team spirit within the company.

Sporting challenge at the Marrakech palm grove

Team building sports activities are organized. From the soft to the most enduring, all the programs help to manage stress and strengthen team cohesion within the company. You don’t need to be an athlete to take up a sporting challenge in a team building programme.

Team building activities relaxation and discovery

Playful team building activities on the lake (Takerkouste and Bin El Ouidane), jet ski, boat rides, pedal boats, etc… The friendly atmosphere helps to create and strengthen the links between employees. The values of the company are conveyed and the spirit of belonging to the company develops.

Very playful tealm building activities in the mountains to combine discovery and relaxation. Bike, quad or walking tours are organised in the mountains to allow the company’s employees to relieve stress. Crossing the Berber villages of the Atlas Mountains allows to combine discovery and relaxation. The relaxed atmosphere strengthens the bonds between employees.