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Presentation of Agadir :

    Agadir identity card

  • Population: more than 900,000 inhabitants; nearly 1,330,000 inhabitants including the agglomeration, 2016 statistics
  • Football stadium: Big stadium of marrakech
  • Time: GMT +1
  • Currency: the dirham (1 euro equals approximately 10 dirhams, 1 dollar = 9 )
  • Site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: the medina of Marrakech (since 1985).
  • Passion of young people: football
  • Economic activity of the city: tourism
  • Best hosting site : Airbnb

In some travel guides, Agadir is called the “Pearl of the South”, although this nickname is more often used in connection with Marrakech, it is true. In any case, Agadir, the port city located about 500 kilometres further south, would not disgrace this name and already on arrival, it enchants us with a breathtaking sunset. The next morning, the murmur of the Atlantic slowly takes us out of our dreams and we go straight down to the long beach promenade for a first orientation.

Sunset on the beach of Agadir

Climate: what is the best time to go to Morocco?

Morocco is mainly composed of three different climatic zones : Northern Morocco (north of the Atlas Mountains) and the coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate with a dry and very hot summer and rather humid and mild winter months. The south-east and south of the kingdom are characterized by a hot desert climate with very little rainfall, while the rest of the interior (in the Atlas Mountains region) is dominated by a continental climate.

In concrete terms, this means that destinations like Agadir are wonderful to visit all year round, as temperatures exceed 20 degrees, even in winter. The best time to visit Agadir is from May to November, with water temperatures between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius. Of course, it is particularly beautiful in the middle of summer, from July to September, when the daily values are wonderfully warm but still bearable.

However, this does not apply to the interior of the country and the south of Morocco, where the summer months can become quite extreme for us Europeans. Whereas in Agadir, for example, it is about 27 degrees in the shade in mid-August, the temperature in Marrakech is 38 degrees and more at the same time. In the oasis city of Zagora, it is then about 45 degrees Celsius. For round trips through Morocco and large desert tours, we recommend the transition months in spring and autumn.



History of Agadir

Agadir is the most important city in southern Morocco. Its region has developed thanks to its port and agricultural activities. What differentiates Agadir from other Moroccan cities: it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, then rebuilt a little further away. It is thus resolutely modern. Agadir is a dynamic city which offers its visitors numerous activities and outings. You can stay several days to discover the south of the country. Its beach of nearly 7 kilometers and its particularly pleasant climate makes it the destination of many tourists every year. Do you feel like relaxing? Whether it is by taking a nap on its beautiful sandy beach or with a walk along its port, Agadir is the ideal place for idleness.

 Accommodations in Agadir

Agadir is a popular destination for tourists. On the plus side, you will easily find accommodation to your liking. If you are a beach enthusiast, choose the city centre and the Anza district. If you like beautiful stones, the Cité Suisse will suit you perfectly: it is in this district that the oldest villas in Agadir are located. Finally, for luxurious accommodation, the Founty district is home to the most beautiful hotel complexes.

visit agadir, Où loger à Agadir ?

Si vous décidez de visiter Agadir, vous aurez l’embarras du choix pour vous loger… Des hôtels de luxe, aux petits Riad authentiques, en passant par des appart’hôtels ou des locations d’appartements sur Airbnb, il y en aura pour tous les goûts et tous les budgets. Dans le quartier de Founty, également connu sous le nom de Bay of Palms, vous trouverez d’excellents hôtels, villas et résidences de tourisme. 

10 must-do things to do in Agadir

1. Visit Agadir Valley of Paradise, Agadir

visit agadir,

Also called the green valley, this green setting is a true haven of peace. It is the ideal place for nature lovers and all those who want to get out of the city and change from the beach. To take full advantage of it, you can opt for a day trip proposed on our site.

2. visit agadir, Souk El Had, Agadir

visit agadir,

If you are going to visit Agadir, spending time in the Souk is a must. The modern cachet of the Souk el Had differentiates it a little from other Moroccan souks, but it is still authentic! This treasure in the heart of the city includes more than 3000 shops on an area of 11 hectares. You will discover here an authentic, lively and colourful universe, where the scent of spices will bewitch your senses. Undeniably one of the most pleasant and lively places in Agadir!

3. visit agadir, The museums of the city

visit agadir,

Because visiting Agadir is also synonymous with cultural discoveries, you will enjoy strolling through the city’s most beautiful museums. Specializing in the art of southern Morocco, the Bert Flint Municipal Museum, also known as the Tiskiwin Museum, will unveil a sublime collection of traditional Moroccan objects from the Saharan region and the Sousse valley. The Museum of Memory preserves the history of the terrible earthquake that devastated the city on February 29, 1960, all located in a beautiful oasis of greenery reminiscent of the gardens of the Alhambra in Granada. As for the Amazigh Heritage Museum, it will seduce you with its sumptuous collections of jewels, talismans, carpets, costumes and other objects related to the life of the Berbers.

4. Visit Agadir, The Kasbah

visit agadir,

This is where the city of Agadir was before the terrible earthquake. The Kasbah was a fortress, built in 1540, to protect the city from the Portuguese assaults. The ruins of its ramparts and its entrance are the only remains of Agadir’s architectural heritage.

You will discover a truly majestic site perched at an altitude of 236m, offering an incredible view of the city and its ports. The ascent lasts about twenty minutes on foot. At the end of the day, as the sun begins to set, the view is just breathtaking!

5. Visit Agadir, Valley of the Birds

visit agadir,

Home to several species of little-known birds such as the rhea or the numidian damselflies, this wildlife park, which opens onto the seafront, will plunge you into a superb exotic setting amidst banana trees, magnolias and bougainvilleas. During your visit, in addition to numerous birds, you will be able to see other representatives of the local fauna, such as the monkey magot or the cuffed sheep. Ideal for a nature break in the heart of the Moroccan city.

6. The Medina Polizzi, Visit Agadir

visit agadir,

If you are wondering what to do in Agadir, you should know that a visit to the medina, the old city, is a must. The experience is unique since the city’s medina is recent, but it faithfully recreates all the characteristics of Moroccan medinas, from the winding streets to the effervescent souks. This is where you will find the El Had souk. This medina is the fruit of the imagination of the Italian artist Coco Polizzi. If you want to fill up with memories, this is the ideal place!

7. Visit Agadir, The Portuguese Garden and Crocoparc
Olhao Garden, Portuguese garden, Agadir

visit agadir,

The Portuguese Garden, also called Olhao Garden, is a beautiful piece of greenery that originally commemorates the links between Morocco and Portugal, through the twinning of Agadir with the city of Olhao. It is here that you will find the Museum of Memory that we mentioned earlier. You will undoubtedly appreciate this green space conducive to relaxation.

For a more regal experience, go to the inevitable Crocoparc! With its 300 Nile crocodiles and its beautiful exotic and aquatic gardens, a visit to the park promises enriching memories for young and old alike.

8. Visit Agadir, The beaches of Agadir

visit agadir,

Considered one of the most beautiful in North Africa, with more than six kilometres of fine sand, the Bay of Agadir is ideal for enjoying the sun and palm trees. Whether you prefer the tourist spots that offer various water activities such as jet ski sessions or windsurfing lessons, or the wilder stretches, you will be spoilt for choice! And for surfing fans, head for Taghazoute!

This is the surfing spot of the region. A real joy for wave lovers and a good opportunity for beginners to learn the joys of this sport thanks to the many schools.

Visit Agadir : the most beautiful beach of Morocco ?

In some travel guides, Agadir is considered the “pearl of the south”, although this epithet is much more often used in connection with Marrakech. In any case, Agadir, the port city located about 500 kilometres further south, would not disgrace this name and already on arrival, it enchants us with a breathtaking sunset. The next morning, the murmur of the Atlantic slowly takes us out of our dreams and we go straight down to the long beach promenade for a first orientation.

Visit Agadir  Sunset on the beach of Agadir

Agadir has a kilometre long sandy beach, some hotels on the modern promenade have marked private sections for their guests with sun loungers and umbrellas. The new hotel LABRANDA Les Dunes d’Or, in particular, spoils holidaymakers with its large garden, beautiful swimming pools, direct beach location and its high-quality all-inclusive offer.

A little further south, at the end of the bay, is the luxurious Sofitel Agadir, which plays in the league of the best hotels in Agadir with, among others, the Royal Atlas & Spa Resort and is particularly suitable for holidaymakers and discerning connoisseurs. From here, it is just a stone’s throw away from the charming Medina, where Agadir’s old town has been revitalized with great attention to detail.

9. Visit Agadir, The Massa Desert
Massa Desert, Agadir

visit agadir,

Real jewel of nature located in the region of Massa, 60km from Agadir, the Massa desert offers a breathtaking spectacle. There, majestic fauna and flora nestle in this nature reserve of… 33,800 hectares! From the Souss Massa National Park to the Youssef Ben Tachfine water dam to the dunes of the so-called “Little Sahara”: the region promises you an immersive experience. To take full advantage of it, opt for day visits which will allow you to enjoy the excursion in due form.

10. Visit Agadir, Taroudant and the Tiout oasis
Oasis of Tiout, Taroudant, Agadir

visit agadir, morocco

Nicknamed “Little Marrakech”, Taroudant preserves a heritage that it would be a shame not to discover during your stay in Agadir. The day trip is worth the detour and for good reason … Surrounded by majestic ramparts, Taroudant contains many treasures. Between palm and olive trees, let yourself be charmed by its architecture and its small streets that will lead you from its kasbah to the must-see of the Medina: the souks! Flourishing, they illustrate the true dynamics of the city. A Berber charm connoted with fabric, leather, silver and copper that is found mostly on the stalls.

Taroudant is also Tiout. Some 20 km from the city, the small village renowned for its hospitality contains a heavenly oasis and a breathtaking view. It is moreover its land that gave the answer to Fernandel in 1954 for the famous film “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves”.

Agadir: Transport and travel

– Travel by bus at low prices

You plan to do activities in Agadir with your children but you are not transported? The bus remains the means of transport at the lowest cost. The urban buses are managed by the Alsa company which has a fleet of 206 buses. These buses cross all the districts of Agadir, and even the most remote ones. A bus ticket costs 4 Dh for adults. The place is free for children under 6 years old. After your payment, the driver will give you a receipt. Remember to keep it throughout your journey because buses are subject to regular checks.

– Take a taxi to visit Agadir

Taxis in Agadir are widely used by the local population and are a fairly economical means of travel. When you take a red taxi, you pay for the ride, not the seat. For example, if you are a group of three people, you will only pay the price of one ride. For more than three people, you will have to take a second taxi. In general, the vehicle has a meter that will display 2dh base for the pick-up. During the day, you will need to count 5 to 6 Dh on average for a trip and 10 Dh at night (you must allow for an increase of 50% as required by law). Taxis travel only in urban areas and are not allowed to travel long distances or to leave the city of Agadir.


Self-service bicycle hire to enjoy the city

To discover Agadir in its every nook and cranny, the bicycle proves to be an excellent economical, ecological and pleasant alternative. Self-service bicycle rentals are flourishing in the city and allow you to enjoy Agadir at your own pace. It’s an excellent way to combine business with pleasure. Basklit to pronounce Bashklit, which means bicycle in Amazing language, is a bicycle rental concept founded by Ahmed Ahchouch.

The bikes are equipped with GPS which will allow you to find your way around more easily. There are currently 2 stations, one located at the Théâtre de la Verdure and the second at Al Amal Square. There you will find an ambassador who will welcome you from 8:30 am to 10 pm to give you a bike equipped with GPS and a release code. The amount of the rental is 30 dh per day (introductory price), a derisory rate for strolling through the streets of the city.

– Rent a car in Agadir

For a question of independence and tranquility, some holidaymakers will opt for car rental. This choice is especially profitable if you are a group of people sharing the costs. There are a lot of car rental agencies and passenger vehicles in Agadir. Here again, you will have to find out about the reputation of the agency and make word of mouth before renting a car.

Some agencies have several branches and are present in other cities. This is ideal if your arrival city is different from your departure city. For example if you land in Agadir and your return flight will be at the Menara airport in Marrakech, it is quite possible to return your rental car to Marrakech. Again, you will have to choose a good agency that offers this alternative.
– Use a private driver to discover Agadir

It is obvious that using a private driver is a reassuring option when coming to Agadir for the first time. No more problems of delay, no more risk of getting lost, the private driver remains the ideal way to travel when you have planned several excursions in and around Agadir and you are discovering the region.

Agadir, our best trip and tours

Imagine a place where escape and change of scenery, discovery and relaxation, joy and freedom are the only key words. Welcome to Agadir, the city of eternal summer. Still wondering what to do in Agadir?

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Useful numbers in case of emergencies in Agadir

When you are abroad, regardless of the country, it is essential to have important telephone numbers in order to be able to react in case of problems and to better understand emergency situations. Agadir has a good number of public hospitals, private clinics and on-call pharmacies, but it is still necessary to know where these health facilities are located. In this article, I have listed all the telephone numbers and useful and practical addresses of Agadir to always have on hand so that your stay in the South of Morocco takes place in the best conditions.
List of numbers to contact in case of medical emergencies in Agadir

No one is safe from an incident at their vacation spot. That’s why it’s important to know who to contact in these unexpected moments. Here is a summary of the telephone numbers to call in case of medical emergencies in Agadir.

Repatriation Assistance :

Axa Assistance Morocco
128 Boulevard Lahcen Idder – Casablanca
Tel: + 212 (0)5 22 54 23 23
Web: https://www.axa.ma

Mondial Assistance Morocco :

Lot Civim 31 road from the airport – Sidi Maarouf – Casablanca
Tel: + 212 (0)5 22 31 31 50

Medical assistance :

Hassan II Hospital : Route de Marrakech – Quartier Charaf – Tel : + 212 (0)5 28 80 14 85 or + 212 (0)5 28 84 19 77
African Union Assistance: + 212 (0)5 28 84 50 50
Sos doctors: + 212 (0)5 28 82 82 31 or + 212 (0)5 28 82 82 63
Red Crescent: + 212 (0)5 28 84 13 88
Polyclinic CNSS – Avenue Moulay Youssef – Quartier Nahda – Tel : +212 (0)5 28 84 66 25 – Fax : +212 (0)5 28 84 66 24
Private clinic Argana – rue de la foire ville nouvelle – Quartier Industriel – Tel :+212 (0)5 28 82 11 06 or +212 (0)5 28 82 56 56
Fax: +212 (0)5 28 84 66 44
Al Massira Private Clinic – Avenue 29 February – Talborjt district (emergency services provided 24/7) – Tel: +212 (0)5 28 38 08 40 Email: contact@cliniqueagadiralmassira.com – FB: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Clinique-Al-Massira-Agadir

Unique numbers for all Morocco :

Fireman : 115
Royal Canadian Mounted Police: 117
Police rescue: 119
Telephone enquiries: 160

Useful numbers for French nationals in case of emergencies in Agadir
Who to contact in case of administrative emergencies in Agadir?

In case of loss of your identity papers, theft, or simply to get information on a cultural event in Agadir, contact the following numbers:

The administrations :

Delegation of Tourism: Avenue Med V, 2nd floor Iguenwane Building – Talborjt District – Tel: + 212 (0)5 28 83 90 77

Prefecture : 05 28 83 42 19

Prefecture de police : + 212 (0)5 28 84 12 83


Are you planning to travel from Agadir? Do you need to book a plane or bus ticket? These numbers and addresses will be very useful to you to prepare your trips to Agadir and its region.

Al Massira Airport :

Route d’inezgane Km 28
Tel: + 212 (0)5 28 83 90 01 or + 212 (0)5 28 83 90 02

Bus Station :

Mohammed Sheikh Saâdi Boulevard

CTM bus: + 212 (0)5 28 22 55 96 or + 212 (0)5 28 21 51 73

Supratour Bus :

Tel : +212 (0)5 37 73 10 61/64
Email: contact@supratours.ma
Web: http://www.supratours.ma
FB: www.facebook.com/supratourssa-148283698668459/

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