The 3000 km long Moroccan coastline has several beaches suitable for nautical activities. Essaouira, Mirleft, Dakhla, Taghazout, magnificent beaches that offer water sports holidays for wave enthusiasts.

Surfing in Essaouir and Mirleft

The Atlantic with its impressive waves is an ideal place for surfing. The wind on the beaches of Dakhla and Essaouira favours wind surfing. Sporty stays are proposed for practicing surfing and board sports in general.

Jet Ski on the Mediterranean

On the Mediterranean, the peaceful coastline invites water sports enthusiasts to go jet skiing or windsurfing. Between Martil and Ceuta, the beaches are sublime offering the pleasure of water sports in northern Morocco.

Whether it’s a sports holiday in Morocco or simply a trip to discover the coastal cities, several beaches offer sea walks that allow you to discover the nature in the region. Small boats with instructors are available for visitors to enjoy the pleasures of the sea.

Sport fishing in Dakhla

It is a nautical activity that attracts many sports tourists who are passionate about the sea. Dakhla, famous for its sport fishing trips, offers an ideal setting to practice this nautical activity in all serenity. Among the species of fish, there are sea bream, tuna, mullets, rays, etc..

The region has dozens of kilometres of unspoilt beaches suitable for surfing and various water sports.
Fishing in Dakhla is also in the open sea. The activity combines strong sensations and discovery of the environment.

Dakhla, the opportunity to discover deserted beaches still preserved from tourist flows. The Puerto Rico beach south of Dakhla is ideal for enjoying the Saharan bivouacs.